Getting there.......................16/06/2022

We're getting towards the end of our  undercover period and whilst we may not have achieved absolutely everything we had hoped for we have made good progress having also encountered a few unforeseens, what railway project doesn't? Not least discovering the top of the Luggage end entrance vestibule partition had a broken joint which required some serious dismantling that we hadn't planned for. See pictures  below. However today we came within a 'stones throw' of refitting the Drivers side  entrance vestibule partition along with many of the roof supports that fit between the hoops fitted. We are hoping to sheet the carriage down making allowance to complete the unfinished work without too many problems. The latest pictures are shown below. Hope fully there will be some updated ones in the next few days so please look back again soon.

Roof support fitting underway

Partition trial fitted. Some small fettling required

Half of the repaired roof beam.


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